Learn about the type of industries and relations we work with. Which are the US plans in Infrastructures, Energy, Technology and Manufacturing?


We are part of the European American Enterprise Council headquartered in San Diego.



Welcome to S&F International - Market entry services

We help companies enter the US market successfully. We provide US market knowledge, experience, expertise and a Senior Team that help organizations (public or private) achieve their goals in the main and most important market in the world.


If you are an american company and looking for market entry services in Europe, we can help you too.

What we do

We have the experience and have developed different programs tailored to each company´s needs. We take into account the economic sector you are in and the size of your organization.

  • Infrastructures and Transportation
  • Energy/Renewable/Environmental
  • Technology (IT, Telecom, Biotech, Cleantech...)
  • Aerospace
  • Public Institutions/Government.


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How we can help you in USA

Just let us know about your international business plan for the US market, your goals and which are your strengths and key attributes that make you unique, different, or prepared to compete in the US market, and we will prepare you a customized proposal, with a clear plan and goal oriented specific milestones. Or you can just engage in one of our market entry support programs, providing you executive business development and market entry support at origin and destination.



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