We can help your region by giving you support and advice regarding trade and economic development. We do work with institutions and authorities that need to optimize their international relations, attract investment or develop trade promotion activities. Our main value is that we work with senior local teams at destination.

We work with top officials at local, state and federal level in the US and some european regions, as well as key players (companies, decission makers, agencies and associations) in each of the industries where we  have expertise. We can make the right connections, organize agendas and innovate in the way public organizations do business.

  • Representation of your region
  • International relations
  • Trade missions to/from the US 
  • Trade missions to/from Europe
  • Creation of regional economic development areas
  • Lobby and Public Affairs
  • International trade and promotion advisory
  • Events, conferences and courses
  • Lead generation
  • Advisory

As a public institution or authority you can participate in our programs, or we can customize one for your needs and specifications. Moreover, besides making our programs available to Institutions, authorities and corporations, we do provide tailored support

Our programs are open to the participation of institutions, agencies and corporations that may find in these programs a valuable tool to help companies and entrepreneurs reach their international goals, as well as a good platform to reinforce their international relations with US and European institutions.

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