S&F International provides critical market entry services that allow international firms to master the marketing, regulatory, finance, licensing and permitting processes needed to develop, renewable energy, water purification technologies, waste treatment and desalination projects,  in U.S. Markets.

  • We facilitate and identify unique opportunities in a complex national market.
  • We provide reports on new policies and market opportunities.
  • We identify specific projects of interest.
  • We provide access to key public and private sector officials.
  • We facilitate strategic partnerships and Joint Ventures with firms looking for your expertise.
  • We have access to financing both through debt & equity partners.

Our clients benefit from our vast experience in global markets. Our team has in depth knowledge and experience in the politics and policy of renewable energy, green technologies and infrastructure. We increase competitive advantage by understanding changing marketplaces and provide our clients with tailored solutions to ensure project success.


  • We assist our Clients to develop market entry strategies including identifying target markets, projects and customers in key areas.
  • We keep our Clients informed of new opportunities in energy related and environmental projects and investments.
  • We provide our Clients with assistance and guidance to determine the best project opportunities through ongoing analysis and conversations with key public and private sector officials and target projects with highest company interest and potential return.
  • We introduce Clients to key Federal, state and local level public officials responsible for regulating, licensing, promoting or approving permits for renewable energy plants and projects.
  • We assist Clients in completing requirements for Federal, State and local permits.
  • We can represent Clients before Federal state and local level officials during the permit, promotion or regulatory phase of the project.
  • We identify Federal, State and local credits, incentives and subsidies for renewable energy and assist Client in applying for and receiving the best mix of benefits for each project.
  • We assist Clients in negotiations with utilities and other end users on Power Purchase Agreements to ensure best terms possible..
  • We help Clients identify all possible sources of financing for projects, including arranging financing, providing financing directly or becoming an equity partner in specific projects.
  • We present Clients to project developers as concessionaire, technology provider, EPC contractor and/or operator.
  • We explore options for Clients to participate in development, engineering, construction, operation and/or financing of projects.
  • We represent Clients in negotiations with developers, joint venture partners and other parties.
  • We assist Clients in preparing and positioning proposals for project bids, financing options, identifying potential local partners or joint venture firms, target possible acquisitions etc.


Market and Industry Briefings
Market entry strategy and research
Set-up one-on-one meetings with potential trade partners and new clients and customers
Post meeting follow-up and debriefings

Post-meeting debriefing with our trade specialists and assistance in developing appropriate follow-up strategies

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