Supporting your business entering the US Market


Find the right market entry program for you...

We aim at

• Supporting European businesses moving to USA (or american companies landing in Europe)

• Offering industry centric networking and coaching environments for executives and entrepreneurs

• Offering local and international advisory & trade services for businesses and institutions

• Fostering high level business contacts (North America, Europe and eventually Latam and Asia)

• Serving as an investment environment for business angels and venture capital firms

Serving as a full blown social branding and engagement hub for members (companies & executives)

• We do support too American businesses moving to Western Europe

• Promoting institutional and government trade relations

We are committed in providing value to our clients by being part of their organization. We are goal oriented and that is why we have clearly differentiated our service offering:
  • International experience
  • Specialized in USA - Europe 
  • Teams organized by State/Sectors 
  • Senior team in origin and destination
  • Full local support in market of destination
  • Process and methodology oriented towards achievement 
  • Working process with clear established milestones
  • Access to key decission makers 
  • Public affairs capabilities and strong network
  • Location of our clients at destination is based on market opportunities

London - Los Angeles - Madrid - Miami - Paris - San Diego




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