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USA BUSINESS OR INVESTORS TRIPS - For european companies in different sectors that are looking to enter the market by investing, establishing operations or finding the right partner.


Investment trips, business trips and exploratory trips to different states related to different sectors. Unique opportunity to learn about the US business environment, key projects and complex legal framework. For more information click here... 

If you need to know more on USA temporary working visas, please click here.

We do believe that the infrastructures sector is key for fueling the economy, creating jobs and attracting investments. If the States and Regions take into consideration bringing along the top global infrastructure companies, it will benefit from the experience and know-how that the big construction, engineering, service and finantial firms provide when they do get involved in a project.


We were speakers at the Aviation Investment Forum - London 2012. If you want to learn about the key takeaways, please do click here.

London - Los Angeles - Madrid - Miami - Paris - San Diego




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