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Germán Loperena: International Managing partner (Orange County/Madrid) -t- @glsmad

B.S. Aerospace Engineer (Parks College) and MBA (Boston College). Expertise in institutional relations and the design and coordination of industry related programs for business development in the US. Broad experience in trade missions, innovation, and internationalization. Mr. Loperena has been developing his career in the Infrastructure, Energy, IT and Aerospace Sectors.


Mike Phillips: Transportation and Engineering (Los Angeles)

B.S. Civil Engineer. Mr. Phillips has been in the infrastructure and engineering field in Southern California for over 20 years. With a broad experience in project management and a long lasting network in the field, he provides a clear understanding of the US market and helps to develop the right entry strategy and execution for the companies that want to achieve success on their field.


Sebastien Torre: IT, Telecom and Cleantech (San Diego/Silicon Valley)

DESCF in Accounting and Finance from ICS, Paris, France and a MBA in Marketing from the University of San Diego, CA. Mr. Torre has a deep knowledge of the technological market, being a business development expert with a broad network in the US and abroad. He understands and helps to overcome the main barriers that prevent technological companies to enter the US successfully. 

Ping Wang: Technology (San Diego)

Ping is an entrepreneur, scientist, and engineer who focuses on bridging and finding synergies between disparate realms of technical and business disciplines, as well as cultures. He founded a startup accelerator program in San Diego, the Ansir Innovation Center, which hosts a dozen or so early-stage technology companies and facilitates mentorship, business development, and funding for them. He is a also “Visioneer” (strategyinnovation engineering) at Mytek International, a diversified business group with as much as 60% market share in various home appliance segments. 

Ping received an interdisciplinary PhD in Computational Neuroscience at the Salk Institute and the University of California, San Diego in addition to a double major B.S. degree in Computer Science and Biology from Stanford University, and an M.S. in Electrical Engineering, also from Stanford, and has been published in a number of high level scientific and technical journals, such as Science and IEEE, and was a Mayfield Fellow in the highly-selective entrepreneurship training program of the Stanford Technology Ventures Program.


Oscar Garcia: Aerospace (Miami)

B.S. Aerospace Engineer (San Diego State Universit, Masters Degree in Aviation and Aerospace and MBA from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Mr. garcía has a broad experience in the Aerospace and Air Transportation industries, and has developed his entire career in the US. He is the partner leading the entry of the Aerospace and Air transportation companies in the US. Oscar serves on the Space Florida Board Advisory Committee and the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Business School Industrial Advisory Board. He is the 
immediate past President and Chairman of the Aerospace Committee of the 
prestigious Greater Miami Aviation Association (GMAA). 


Tomas Hagenfeldt: Entrepreneurship (San Diego)

Tomas Hagenfeldt is CFO and administrative director at Grat Connection, Inc. Tomas served as a mentor at The Kauffman Center for Venture Education in Palo Alto. Tomas started his career as an auditor at KPMG and after five years he started his own business together with family members. A few years later he started to work for a large consultancy firm in Stockholm, Sweden, mainly supporting financial departments at large corporations. Tomas was also President of Acceleratus Inc, a Swedish soft-landing site for early stage high-tech companies that want to establish themselves in Southern California.

Francisco Trullenque: Strategy Managing Director (Madrid)

BA in economics (University of Zaragoza), MBA (University of Chicago), PhD on Political Science (University Carlos III) and Law degree (University of Zaragoza. He is a highly reputed and experienced strategy consultant, providing companies with the necessary tools to being able to go through an international expansion process. 


Luis Bugallal: Energy and Environment (Madrid)

B.S. Industrial Engineering. His more than 25 years experience in production plant management as well as his technical skills and experience in dealing with patents and intellectual property, allows him to clearly understand the different technologies and innovations that enter the market every day. From Waste to Energy to Water processing, he advice companies on how to adapt and improve their technologies and processes in order to being able to face an international growth.

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