Why these are the Glocal Programs for you

Network: We provide entry to key decision makers and companies in three continents; in our main markets USA and Europe, while offering a perfect hub for LatAm and eventually Asia.

Location: We provide different business locations, tailored to each need and market. Our location service, included in the program, is independent from location providers, and location decision is made taking into consideration our clients´needs.

Expertise: Our executives and advisors are experts in each business field and market, and provide business development expertise, technical knowledge and a broad range of contacts. No other program has such a specialized team in the countries and regions of destination.

Legal: Some programs includes basic legal advisory in the country or region of destination, included is the establishment of a legal entity and the accounting services in order to keep the books in the manner that is required at destination.

Support: We do analyze and support the company in the country of origin, establishing the key differentiators as well as the business development strategy in order to reach the agreed goals. Supporting the company at its headquarters is key in order to help the company and its management team to adapt to the new business culture of destination.

Experience: The three year old program is the first program to offer a full service, turnkey support approach.

Certainty: An step by step approach based on a proven methodology and processes that work. Our clients know they are buying a tangible, planned program based on results and high quality standards.

Hub: Our clients are exposed to other markets, and we work closely with  Asian and Latam networks, an important value when companies believe in going trully global. 


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